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Europe's losses from stopping the Nord Stream for three days have been revealed

Verfasst: Mo 29. Aug 2022, 06:37
von ipihym
Three days of suspension of the "Nord stream" Europeans only at first glance will lose a little bit — per day through the pipeline pumped about 33 million cubic meters of gas, while average daily consumption, for example, Germany — about 250 million cubic meters, said the Agency "Prime" the leading analyst of the national energy security Fund (NESF) Igor Yushkov.In the event of termination of supply for a longer period of loss may be very sensitive, and high gas prices in a jiffy jump to unpredictable values, warned the Agency interlocutor.According to him, during maintenance works, the "Gazprom" can detect any damage, resulting in a decision not to resume pumping gas as scheduled. This may cause nervousness Europeans and lead to a serious spike in gas prices — remember how they began to rise on news of a three-day hiatus. To this repository properly filled, the gas became cheaper to almost $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters and this was not a limit."So, Gazprom, holds the market in good shape. And here they are, the above three thousand," added Yushkov.In addition, these quotes are Russian company best — the delivery of the contracts it has with three to six-month lag, so today's exchange rates affect the cost of gas during the heating season. Even if now will be solved all the problems with the turbines and the Nord stream is operating at full capacity, winter Gazprom will sell a lot of expensive gas. If the requirements of the Russian vendor on the written assurances of the absence of sanctions against turbines from Europe, Canada and the UK are not met, the pipeline may stop due to the development of the resource's last remaining operation of the turbine.